Dryer fabrics

For all kinds of paper machines working with speeds up to 1500 m/min., constructed by special PES
materials made by rounded or rectangled diameters with high resistance against hydrolysis.

Fabrics tested on slalom PM groups:

  • construction eliminating turbulence,
  • high ability to heat transfer.

Standart application for middle and end drying groups:

  • high ventilation ability.

Specially constructed fabrics for paper machines processed scrapped paper:

  • low ability to creating stickies.

Fabrics constructed from special materials with extreme high resistance against hydrolysis:

  • thickness of fabrics from 1,3 to 2,6 mm,
  • permeability 50 - 1000 CFM.


  • for production of newspaper paper,
  • for production of print paper,
  • for production of magazine paper,
  • for production of cardboard paper,
  • for production of package paper,
  • for production of carton,
  • for production of bag paper,
  • for production of recycled paper.


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